LobbyNK 3.7.12

Since nukkit updated json library, powenukkit didn't... I thought powernukkit would move to. But since then nothing happened.
So I removed JSON entirely and moved back to my lovely ConfigNK class...

In addition I also added the ability to disable commands in a world. But please dont look at the code for that xd
Its terrible and I will change it.
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The nukkit api 1.0.13 broke lobbynk... Changed the imports.
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Now you can use a second line in the compass. Just do %n to go in the next line. (requested)

Also patched Unable to Join Bug for Powernukkit. (It calls the PlayerRespawnEvent too early)
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Now WaterDogPe works
- Reworked the entire Scoreboard System because it was such a mess. Now it is working again

Also patched some other stuff.

Some ram-using approvings

LobbyNK is ready for production again!
Fixed the loading time!
The Update Check Server went down.

So your server may take a while to start up.
I'll patch it as soon as possible.

No error messages on player quit anymore
alwaysspawn on false mode works now
Changes v2.7.4:
Added Piglin Pet
Added Hoglin Pet
Added Zoglin Pet
Added Strider Pet
Updated FriendSystem comp.