LobbyNK 3.7.13

Finally, LobbyNK supports WaterDog support.
It was the most requested feature. Now it is here!

To connect to a server via the LobbyCompass, go in your compasscommands.yml.
Instead of your /server command, set it to bungee[Servername]. (You can leave the last bracket if you want)
Slot1.command: bungee[Server1]
Slot2.command: bungee[Server2]
Slot3.command: bungee[Server3]
Slot4.command: say commands still work
Slot5.command: none
Slot6.command: none
Slot7.command: none
Slot8.command: none
Slot1.disableloc: true
Slot2.disableloc: true
Slot3.disableloc: true
Slot4.disableloc: false
Slot5.disableloc: false
Slot6.disableloc: false
Slot7.disableloc: false
Slot8.disableloc: false
Information: Change none to your command without slash.

For LobbyServers the same:
/lobby addlobbyserver [Servername] bungee[Servername]
Added Enderman Pet,
Added Villager Pet,
Fixed error on Ban online play
Added Configuration: MaxPetSize - So the limit isn't 20 anymore. Now you can set it by yourself. But I would prefer to let it be 20. Giant Pets will lag your clients
Now you can get the playercounts form another server in your LobbyCompass and LobbySelector.

WARNING: Do not copy placeholders from here. The : isn't an actual : . An actual : would make :port form ꞉port

To add this in your LobbyCompass, add %playercounter[ipaddress꞉port
Dont close the bracket.

For LobbyServers in your LobbySelector its (%onlineplayers/%maxplayers)

On the servers you want to get the data from, you need to install ServerCommunicator (https://nukkitx.com/resources/servercommunicator.427/)
If the plugin isn't installed, it will say that the server is offline.

Picture taken on server.GrieferMine.net
Changes v3.6.1
Added Configuration: spawnprotection
Added Serverprefix in your lobbyselector
fixed wiped inventory with keepInventory
fixed keepXp with keepInventory
lobby reload command now works in console
Now you can add Servers to the Lobbyselector. Do /lobby addlobbyserver (Servername) (address : port)
You may leave port open if its default

Disabled alwaysspawn patched too

Now It can show you how many players are in your lobby.

Changes v3.5.9
Added Playercounter to Lobbyselector
Patched StayTime after syncing
Patched noweather for every world. Now it is only in lobbyworlds
Now, you're able to change your pets name and size.
If you click with no lobbyitem on your pet, you'll get a settings gui. If your whole hotbar is full with lobbyitems, you have the Petsettings in your playersettings menu too. To get this gui, you need the permission "lobbynk.pet.settings"
Fixed "null" nametag on pets with german languagefile

By the way, LobbyNK wont notify you on little bugfixes. Only for big or important updates
Added Pets!! Now in your gadgets menu!
Changes v3.3.0:
added VIP Hotbar (Players with the permission "lobbynk.vip" will get a custom hotbar (you can setup it in your horbar.yml),
added SilentLobby item (Use it, and you'll get ported in the next VIP-Lobby. Read the Plugin description to get more informations about VIP-Lobbys),
added ForceFieldItem (Use it and you'll activate / deactivate the forcefield. You still need "lobbynk.forcefield" to use it),
added "developer" in chat.yml by default
added multiworld and multilobby at the same time support
fixed offline players inventory wipes caused by restart or reload
fixed the chatsystem
configversion: 2
Slot1.Item: '404:0'
Slot1.Itemname: §cSettings
Slot2.Item: '369:0'
Slot2.Itemname: §aHide players
Slot3.Item: '160:8'
Slot3.Itemname: ''
Slot4.Item: '160:8'
Slot4.Itemname: ''
Slot5.Item: '345:0'
Slot5.Itemname: §cNavigator
Slot6.Item: '160:8'
Slot6.Itemname: ''
Slot7.Item: '160:8'
Slot7.Itemname: ''
Slot8.Item: '54:0'
Slot8.Itemname: §eGadgets
Slot9.Item: '399:0'
Slot9.Itemname: §bLobbySelector
Slot1.VIP.Item: '404:0'
Slot1.VIP.Itemname: §cSettings
Slot2.VIP.Item: '369:0'
Slot2.VIP.Itemname: §aHide players
Slot3.VIP.Item: '46:0'
Slot3.VIP.Itemname: §cSilentLobby
Slot4.VIP.Item: '160:8'
Slot4.VIP.Itemname: ''
Slot5.VIP.Item: '345:0'
Slot5.VIP.Itemname: §cNavigator
Slot6.VIP.Item: '160:8'
Slot6.VIP.Itemname: ''
Slot7.VIP.Item: '381:0'
Slot7.VIP.Itemname: §2Forcefield
Slot8.VIP.Item: '54:0'
Slot8.VIP.Itemname: §eGadgets
Slot9.VIP.Item: '399:0'
Slot9.VIP.Itemname: §bLobbySelector
CompassItem: '345:0'
HidePlayerItem: '369:0'
GadgetsItem: '54:0'
LobbyItem: '399:0'
SettingsItem: '404:0'
ForcefieldItem: '381:0'
SilentlobbyItem: '46:0'