LobbyNK 3.7.4

If multiworld is enabled and you didn't set a Lobbyspawn in this world, there should be pvp enabled. Otherwise another plugin is blockung pvp
I got pvp working thanks, but how do I add more lobbies that can use lobbynk stuff and how do I set a point like when they die they get tp to a certain location how do I do it?


Did you reinstall LobbyNK? Thats the only way to still have the hotbar in a non lobby world. This was an old bug, but I patched it.

The other thing. The different hotbars per world would be useless and orrupt the must users. I wont add this.. Sorry
Ok,I know.Another little question,can I disable a function in a lobby?Because I don't want players flying in some lobby.



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Okay, Im sorry. I ahve to use Google Translater to understand this.
By default, there are 8 slots. You may change it down in your config. If you want more slots than 8, use /lobby gen [amount] to generate the configurations for the compass. You set teleport locations with /lobby set [loc+amount]. For example to set the location for Slot 6 do /lobby set loc6.
If you dont want to teleport, go in your compasscommands.yml and disable teleport for this slot and add the command your player should execute. You can enable and disable compass images in your config. You can change them in your images.yml. The titles of the slots you can change in your languagefile. I would prefer edit the english.yml to spanish instead of making your own. New string wouldn't generared in your new file. It would cause an error. Thats it :D
Feel free to ask if you dont understand anything

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Okay, lo siento. Tengo que usar Google Translater para entender esto.
Por defecto, hay 8 ranuras. Puede cambiarlo en su configuración. Si desea más ranuras que 8, use / lobby gen [cantidad] para generar las configuraciones para la brújula. Establece ubicaciones de teletransporte con / lobby set [loc + cantidad]. Por ejemplo, para establecer la ubicación de Slot 6 do / lobby set loc6.
Si no desea teletransportarse, vaya a su compasscommands.yml y desactive el teletransporte para este espacio y agregue el comando que su jugador debe ejecutar. Puede habilitar y deshabilitar las imágenes de la brújula en su configuración. Puedes cambiarlos en tus images.yml. Los títulos de las ranuras que puede cambiar en su archivo de idioma. Preferiría editar el english.yml al español en lugar de hacer el suyo. La nueva cadena no se generaría en su nuevo archivo. Causaría un error. Eso es: D
No dudes en preguntar si no entiendes nada
my problem is that when i add a teleportation point to another world it is not done unless i go to the world using multiworld


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BuddelStudios updated LobbyNK with a new update entry:

FriendSystem and Bug Fixes

Changes v3.6.8
Patched NonMovement for flying pets
Patched non Removed Pets on reload/stop if multiworld was disabled
Added feature to edit lobby selector pictures
Fixed german language file
patched unblocked interact event bug
Changed default config generation for config.yml
Improved "alwaysspawn"
Added support for FriendSystem (Requies Friendsystem by Mundschutziii)...
Read the rest of this update entry...


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I got two messages :(
My plugins are:

area protection
economy API

My server runs on pebblehosts servers

Hm... I've never seen that before. But I tested it with every plungin in your list except GAC and NicknamePlugin and FuturePlots. I think its NicknamePlugin but I dont know it for sure


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BuddelStudios updated LobbyNK with a new update entry:


Now you can enchant your cosmetic.
Also implemented code for netherite cosmetic. (Not available yet bc Nukkit doesn't have them)
And Players with the permission lobbynk.trusted have now trusted skins (Since 1.16 you wont see custom skins by default.)

Changes v3.6.9
Get the friend command from the FriendSystem Config
Added aliases to /lobby.
Added trusted skins
Added enchantments
Added Note Walkingparticles
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